Awards & Kudos

CSI loves hearing from our clients about how well our consultants are performing. Congratulations to all of these consultants for demonstrating our Consultant Philosophy.

Nov 2015: A CSI senior consultant received kudos by our prime’s Program Lead for his “exceptional work developing an approach to allow the [client organization] to drive change by turning the the IT System Assessment & Authorization process into an enabler rather than simply a compliance mechanism.” His approach was praised by multiple senior leaders within the organization. After just a few weeks on the program, he was elevated to the role of Technical Lead, where he is now responsible for guiding the contractors supporting the client.

Nov 2015: A CSI senior consultant received kudos by her client, who said, “Thank you for your outstanding contributions to the program. This is a start-up project and it is often difficult for people to work with ambiguity as the project scope and requirements evolve. When I read your activities in the monthly status report, my response was WOW! Your expertise speaks volumes and your attendance and contributions in meetings is critical in establishing key partnerships and setting our technical direction. Your knowledge sharing internally to our team is definitely helping to shape our start-up team into a cohesive unit. You were a critical conduit in achieving a key project objective and have been an integral member of the team and an invaluable asset. I am thankful you are a member of our team!” After just a few weeks on the program, our consultant was elevated to Team Lead.

Nov 2015: A CSI senior consultant received a performance award for demonstrating Teamwork and Innovation. The client said, “Although [our consultant] is only part-time, he brings his customary high energy approach to all that he does on the Data Architecture team. He serves as the principal data architect on the project, ensuring that the object models which he produces are properly vetted and delivered in a timely manner to the implementation teams. Vetting a model involves the skillful extraction and careful balancing of the feedback and needs of each stakeholder – a process not unlike the herding of cats. His innovation is conspicuous in the creative ways that he builds his models as well as the accompanying descriptive guidance. A diagram is of little use if it is only understood by its creator. [Our consultant] has the laudable ability to put himself in the shoes of his audience and to produce a picture that anticipates and answers the questions of a potential reader. [He] exudes the quality of teamwork in how he works with his coworkers. He can effectively break down a job into tasks, and help match those tasks with the workload and skill set of each team member. His detail-oriented nature makes him great at ensuring that all the I’s are dotted and T’s crossed. When something needs doing, [he] will recognize it and get to work without having to be asked.

Nov 2015: A CSI senior consultant received a performance award for demonstrating Service, Teamwork, Integrity, Leadership, and Excellence for his contribution to a high-profile project involving a large data analysis task. The corpus was loaded into a variety of tools against which data triaging, analytics, and high level summarization of themes and potential items of interest were performed. The content was used by senior leadership to determine if the data could be shared or not. The client noted that “the team worked tirelessly to ensure that the analysis was comprehensive and timely” and that “each person played a critical role in ensuring that this high-profile tasking was completed and met the needs of the client’s leadership team.”

Nov 2015: A CSI senior consultant received a performance award for demonstrating Teamwork, Leadership, and Excellence. He was noted as being a “truly positive force for good” on the project. The client said, “Since the very first release planning Event, [our consultant] accepted the challenge of the project, promoted a positive attitude, and helped drive the collaboration and execution that have become trademarks for the project team. [His] incredible work ethic and his willingness to help out where needed have helped ensure teams are collaborating and that efforts continue to be propelled forward. [He] also lends his knowledge and expertise to other parts of the organization where needed. [He] is a regular presence at sprint reviews as well as other meetings, and his input is always highly sought by the business owners and other teams. With [his] humor and expertise, he helps get across the message and provides the insight to build better products.”

Nov 2015: A CSI senior consultant received a performance award for demonstrating Leadership, Teamwork, and Excellence as a Technical Product Owner for a client’s access control application. He provided tremendous skill in helping the client work through a reorganization where a majority of the use base were either moved or split across the new organizational structure. All impacted users had to be reassigned to new organizations, data rights and privileges granted, and the access changes documented. Our consultant was instrumental in handling the relationships with the group managing the reorganization transition, data owners, and organizational leadership, and coordinated all aspect of the system transition. The client said, “Without [his] professional involvement in the interaction with the proper staff organizations, this smooth transition would not have occurred in such a timely fashion.”

Mar 2015: A CSI senior consultant received a kudos from her client for her “excellent work reviewing a best practices document” that addressed a critical issue. The client said her “work was instrumental in helping to drive the direction of the issue, which had a tremendous impact on the client organization and the community.”

Mar 2015: A CSI senior consultant received kudos from a mission client who wrote how “extremely grateful” she was that our consultant and her teammate represented the client’s equities so professionally. Our consultant and her teammate performed an in-depth analysis of the client’s data set. The analysis showed the data to not be in an acceptable state for enterprise ingestion. Our consultant delivered the news to the client’s Data Subcommittee and made sound recommendations. The client said “I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you. You are amazing (and I think you know I don’t say that to everyone). Thank you!!”

Mar 2015: One of CSI’s longest clients recognized six CSI senior consultants for their contributions towards the successful development and deployment of the client’s next generation mission support capability. Our consultants deliver senior technical and management expertise in the areas of mission requirements, data architecture, knowledge modeling, software engineering, database design, and big data/search engine optimization.

Dec 2014: A CSI senior consultant received a certificate of appreciation from his government client “for outstanding contribution to [the program’s] success.” He helped discover a software tool configuration issue that was causing the use of nearly twice as much disk space as normally required. Our consultant drove a space savings implementation that, when coupled with a novel deployment strategy, resulted in a 2-3 times reduction in required disk space on a multiple Petabyte system. The program was able to save “a significant amount of money in hardware costs.” After the change was implemented, not only did the program free up half of their server allotment to do other processing tasks (e.g., testing next gen releases), but there was extra capacity to load new data without needing to purchase new hardware.

Jun 2014: A CSI senior consultant provided knowledge modeling and tool support to a client’s technology-focused enterprise knowledge model development team. That team was made available to a mission organization to jump-start the creation of an integrated knowledge model that will eventually form the foundation of a next-generation mission system data architecture. Our consultant was recognized for his help with tool provisioning and doing much of the work involved in infusing the mission’s classes and specialization hierarchy into the existing enterprise knowledge model. The mission client recognized, “As a direct result of the [entire team’s] valuable contributions, the [mission system] team has made — and continue to make — important strides in establishing the semantic model of [our] mission operation’s classes and properties. This model will serve to inform and integrate the design of [our] mission features as we move forward.”

Jun 2014: CSI’s Prime Contractor received an “Outstanding” rating from a USG client for contract performance from Sept ’13 – Mar ’14. Congratulations to our expert requirements, architecture, engineering, and software development consultants.

May 2014: A CSI senior consultant was recognized by his client and our prime for his support to a critical client program. He supported the program since its inception and continues to provide outstanding support. As a recent example of this support, our consultant volunteered to be the program coordinator for the client’s inaugural Program Conference held earlier this year. He secured a superb venue for the event and coordinated all security arrangements, which was no small endeavor as the venue had never held a classified event. Our client said our consultant, “worked tirelessly to line up a top notch list of speakers, including [senior principals from across the US Government]. He coordinated a comprehensive agenda that flowed from speaker to speaker, with each reinforcing the others’ messages without being redundant. The smooth flow of the agenda allowed time for the presentation of case studies, which really resonated with the audience.” The client also said, “Execution of the conference went off without a hitch. Each support team member knew their role, thanks to [our consultant’s] choreography. Feedback has been uniformly positive, and attendees have been reaching out to the [Program Office] for follow-on assistance. The event was a tremendous success, due in large part to [his] handling of the many critical details, and will advance [our charge to build a successful Program].” Our consultant was recognized as “a superb contributor to the [Program’s] mission, and his expertise is exceptional. We are very fortunate to have this highly motivated team player [supporting us].”

Apr 2014: One of CSI’s newest consultants was recently recognized by her client for doing a “fabulous job” with her project and “setting the standard” for attacking problems. She was noted for not just worrying about her own task, but also looking out for implications to others. When faced with a challenge, she demonstrated a “how do I fix/work around this” attitude and always pushed forward in the interest of progress.

Mar 2014: Two of CSI’s senior consultants were recognized by their client for exemplary service. Their support to the Chief Data Architect includes strategic planning, analysis of alternatives, requirements definition, and conceptual data modeling. One consultant was recognized for identifying and connecting similar or tangential efforts from other organizations, analyzing organization and program objectives, and recommending courses of action and implementation plans. The other consultant was recognized for bringing a crucial customer-focused perspective to the team, helping to refine a conceptual data model into a technology-influenced logical data model, and providing out-of-the-box insights and suggestions.

Jun 2013: CSI consultant was awarded the National Meritorious Unit Citation Award for contributions to a critical information security program. The program team was recognized in part for constantly meeting, or exceeding, strict deadlines for successfully bringing the program to an initial operating capability.

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