IT Specializations

Regardless of program size and shape, our portfolio of historical and current IT programs all include one or more of the following IT Specializations. Our IT Specialization Area pages detail our expertise and past performance highlights.

Two large-scale US Government initiatives that exemplify the kinds of transformative programs in which CSI is typical involved include the IC Information Technology Environment (IC ITE) and the DoD Joint Information Environment (JIE). These initiatives demonstrate the potential of an INFORMATION-centric, SERVICE-powered, SECURITY-enabled enterprise that is managed through strong OVERSIGHT & GUIDANCE, dependent on common architectures and standards, and collaboratively built and deployed by designated service providers.

These kinds of transformations require both top-down and bottom-up plans of attack to affect change at all levels. Our clients come to CSI because we know how to design and implement these plans of attack and to execute those plans to a successful result.

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