informationOur clients’ mission is largely driven by INFORMATION and its existence within an increasingly collaborative and secure information space enabled by automated means.

CSI excels in:

  • Information & Metadata Modeling & Exchange Specifications
    • Subject matter experts in the development of data and metadata
      encoding specifications (e.g., XML), controlled vocabularies, and
      implementation policy addressing the exchange of resource
      metadata, source  citations, and publications
    • Senior facilitator of multi-agency, multi-community collaboration and coordination of specifications and their formal acceptance into a joint Enterprise Standards Baseline
    • Tested specification viability within live mission exercises and pilot activities
  • Content Analysis & Information Product Optimization
    • Analyzed hundreds of information product lines and identified content topics, similarities and differences, time-phased outputs, optimal presentation, content duplication, and audience-specific requirements
    • Recommended content efficiencies yielding fewer product lines with a more consistent and understandable messaging, produced my fewer writers and editors, and more rapidly delivered to targeted consumers
    • Trained content analysis and optimization techniques to product owners and IT managers
    • Analyzed inbound content collections, mapped to normalized data model, and performed extract/transform/load processes
  • Information Lifecycle Pipeline Design
    • Identified and documented as-is content creation, processing, storage, and dissemination process and analyzed for lifecycle efficiencies
    • Recommended and implemented new methods, tools, and process steps improving lifecycle efficiency, reducing production costs, and increasing the consistency, quality, and timeliness of content delivery
  • Tagging, Safeguarding, Discovery & Sharing Strategies
    • Facilitated strategy development and implementation approaches for “tag the people, tag the data, tag the environment, and grant sharing, discovery, and retrieval access based on smart safeguarding policies”
    • Established multi-agency, multi-community coalition of collaborators and implementers focused on markup-based content production, metadata tagging, data exchange specifications, information sharing, and content and records management processes
    • Implemented various content tagging, management, discovery, and dissemination solutions deployed to high-volume collectors and producers of mission critical content


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