Oversight & Guidance

oversightA successful program requires strategic OVERSIGHT & GUIDANCE consisting of collaborative decision making, methodical technical activities to understand current environments and set future direction, and oversight to ensure transition progress.

CSI excels in:

  • IT Governance Processes
    • Recommended community-wide IT governance forum construct and approaches for bringing disparate IT collaboration forums under the rubric of singular IT decision making
    • Strategic advisor, facilitator, and presenter to multiple community-wide IT governance forums, addressing architecture, standards, and exchange specification development
    • Formalized collaboration and coordination processes and artifacts necessary to demonstrate a body of evidence associated with senior leadership approvals
  • IT Policy and Guidance
    • Authored and coordinated community policy and technical guidance associated with metadata tagging of information
    • Contributed to community policy and technical guidance associated with creating, managing, governing, and using an Enterprise Standards Baseline
    • Advised on the implementation of information sharing and safeguarding policies
    • Routinely reviewed, edited, and commented on community mission policy that impacted IT decision-making
  • Enterprise, Segment & Solution Architectures
    • Contributed to development of as-is and to-be enterprise architectures and reference models for community-wide capabilities
    • Documented enterprise segment and capability architectures based on service provider implementation plans, then assessed services against approved architectures
    • Developed next-generation solution architectures for a collection of high-impact, high-volume mission support services
    • Developed and maintained a Program Architecture Guide intended to assist service providers in documenting how their capabilities align with community expectations
  • Enterprise Transition Planning
    • Assessed an IT Services organization and recommended areas for improvement, enhanced visibility into operational costs, and approaches for achieving cost efficiencies while maintaining outstanding customer support
    • Developed integrated transition roadmap for a large multi-agency IT efficiencies transformation showing agency plans for turning off local capabilities and migrating to new enterprise capabilities
  • Academic Research & Analysis of Alternatives
    • Liaison with academic research center to pursue grant partnerships
    • Identified industry big data solutions, established a research and test regimen for evaluation, installed and analyzed solutions, and recommended options
    • Gathered and prioritized capability requirements, assessed and recommended industry and government solutions, and negotiated priority data sources for inclusion
    • Evaluated viability of migrating government collaboration services to an existing Google Apps for Government infrastructure
  • Executive Leadership Support
    • Advised on organizational constructs, resource planning, and task assignments
    • Developed and coordinated strategic outreach and public relations messaging
    • Managed SharePoint web presence and social media postings
    • Drafted senior leadership emails and memorandum language
    • Developed technical and programmatic briefings
    • Delivered seminars, education, and status briefings

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