servicesA dynamic enterprise requires secure, modular SERVICES that are cost-effective to build, deploy, and maintain in today’s web-enabled application and widget-based environment.

CSI excels in:

  • Service Modeling & Protocol Exchange Specifications
    • Subject matter experts in the decomposition of targeted service operations within a large enterprise services architecture, e.g., Content Discovery & Retrieval, Enterprise Auditing, Person/Non-Person Entity Access Control
    • Subject matter experts in the development of service protocol specifications (e.g., XML) and controlled vocabularies addressing targeted service-to-service communications
    • Senior facilitator of multi-agency, multi-community collaboration and coordination of specifications and their formal acceptance into a joint Enterprise Standards Baseline
    • Tested specification viability within live mission exercises and pilot activities
  • Service Development & Integration
    • Developed, configured, deployed, and maintained off-the-shelf and custom software for content authoring, metadata tagging, and dissemination
    • Integrated “extract, transform, load” services for a high-volume data collection, storage, and analysis system
    • Supported implementation of a needs and requirements analytic visualization system to help senior leaders quickly identify gaps and overlaps of investments against high priority needs
    • Supported a configuration management team responsible for tracking and testing multiple operating system and application loads
  • Database Implementation & Optimization
    • Optimized database systems for efficient storage and improved content analysis and processing of large volumes of content
    • Worked with database and content management system developers to design effective methods for metadata extraction, storage, indexing, and retrieval at varying levels of content structures
    • Implemented database solutions for the capture and analysis of community needs and requirements 
  • Search & Discovery Implementation & Optimization
    • Optimized discovery systems for high-capacity content ingestion and improved recall across a very large corpus
    • Worked with enterprise-wide discovery and retrieval providers to ensure acceptable implementation of new sharing and safeguarding policies
    • Performed research, test & evaluation, and analysis of alternatives for new “big data” storage and discovery technologies
    • Supported client web presence redesign and advised on methods for ensuring the site content was more easily discoverable by enterprise search tools and more navigable by end users visiting the site directly

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